Board Members

Denise Louie Education Center

(Posted 7/1/10)  

As a board member of Denise Louie Education Center, you can apply your professional experience to improving the lives of low income children and families. Our goal is to prepare children for success in school and in life, through pre-school, parent involvement, family support, healthy development, and parent leadership.


Board members provide strategic direction to the organization using information from our community assessment, program data and self assessment. They are responsible for ensuring quality service delivery and the fulfillment of the agency mission.


Board members are also volunteers working at implementation level, especially when there are fundraising events. We would love your help in achieving our goal of continuing to prepare low-income, culturally/linguistically diverse children and families for school and success. This is a leadership level position.



  • Attend board meetings (8 of 11 required);
  • Participate on at least one board committee (fundraising, board

development or planning and service delivery);

  • Participate in the board's annual retreat Make a personal financial

gift at a leadership level;

  • Volunteer at least one time per year in the classroom, field trip,

parent meeting or other activity involving DLEC children and/or families;

  • Help solicit other contributions to the organization or assist with

a fund raising event/activity;

  • Participate in the evaluation of the Executive Director Recruit

other board members or volunteers; and

  • Speak or represent DLEC at a community event.


How to find out more:

Please contact Janice Deguchi, Executive Director at (206) 973-1810 x

6 or via email at or Frances Lin, Director of Development at (206) 973-1810 x 1 or via email at