Invitation to Apply is making three board of directors positions available in April.  We are seeking people with real world skills in finance, business management and non profit leadership.  This is a tangible opportunity to make a difference around the world.

For over ten years InterConnection has provided refurbished computers to unemployed, low income, non profits and schools both in the Seattle area and in developing countries.  It has grown from a volunteer based organization to one with 10 full time staff, 20 volunteers per day, and the capacity to refurbish and distribute 400 computers per month. 

InterConnection is an innovative, entrepreneurial organization with a self-sustaining revenue model.  

The demand for InterConnection’s computers is increasing dramatically.  We just expanded local facilities and plan to add more sites nationally.  In 5 years, InterConnection will become the largest, non-profit provider of refurbished computer equipment to schools and non-profits in the world. 

These are lofty goals, which is why we need individuals with unique skills and abilities who can help us grow successfully and wisely.

Board members must be willing to serve on a ‘working board’.  This means members are actively involved in decision making, developing plans for growth and outreach.  While InterConnection provides computer and technology support, board members don’t require a technology background or skills.

Board meetings occur once a month, for two hours, at our center in Seattle.  Consistent attendance is expected and term commitment is two years.     

Before applying please review the website:

To apply, send resume to:
Charles Brennick, Director

(206) 310-4547

Please apply by April 16, 2010

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