Missing Pet Partnership (MPP)

      Volunteer Board of Directors Members- Posted 9/08/08


Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) is a Seattle-based national, nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families using animal behavioral knowledge and search and rescue techniques commonly used in searches for humans. Since 1997, we’ve worked to pioneer the availability of pet detective services in the U.S.

MPP is transitioning from an all-volunteer organization to one with a small paid staff and a national membership base. Our working Board is looking for additional animal-loving Board members to assist us through these changes. We are especially seeking individuals who are interested in assisting MPP in moving to this next level and who have experience in strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and/or nonprofit governance.

Our mission is to reunite lost pets with their human families. By developing lost pet services, Missing Pet Partnership will help lower shelter euthanasia rates, save taxpayer dollars (by finding lost animals before they end up in government shelters), and protect the environment (by reducing feral/stray cat populations and harmful interactions between pets and native birds or wildlife).

Our Web site (www.missingpetpartnership.org) has helped many pet owners recover their lost pets through our unique knowledge of how lost dogs and lost cats behave, how far they travel, and the application of appropriate recovery techniques. Missing Pet Partnership plans to launch a unique program in King County WA to provide training and pet detective certification for animal shelter staff, animal welfare volunteers, and individuals from around the country. Future plans include developing sufficient infrastructure so that we can rescue unwanted dogs from shelters, train them to track lost pets, and issue  these canine “pet detectives” free of charge to animal shelters and rescue groups across the US along with training for their staffs so that community-based lost pet services will eventually be available across America. 

For more details or an application please contact Founder Kat Albrecht at (253) 529-3999 or kat@pethunters.com.

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