Powerful Voices

Treasurer, Board of Directors

(Posted 3/1/11)


Powerful Voices fosters adolescent girls’ development by providing programs and promoting social justice so girls can realize their dreams, engage their communities and shape a better world.


All girls live healthy, personally meaningful lives in a society that values them.


Title:      Treasurer, Board of Directors

Goal:      To provide fiscal management and financial controls for the corporation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill all duties and responsibilities of a Board Director.
  • Monitor receipt of all securities and monies due to and held by the organization.
  • Ensure that all funds are properly deposited and disbursed in a timely manner.
  • Render monthly and annual financial reports of the corporation to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that all Federal, State, and local financial reports are filed on a timely basis.
  • Oversee the preparation of the annual budget and monitor its implementation.
  • Ensure that the organization maintains tax-exempt status.
  • Ensure that an appropriate accounting system is maintained.
  • Negotiate a contract with an independent CPA to conduct an audit annually.
  • Sign fiscal forms and instruments as necessary.
  • Serve on the Executive Committee.


  • Commitment to the mission and programs of the organization
  • Knowledge of fund accounting systems and internal controls
  • Ability to analyze and present financial statements- effective communication skills
  • Knowledge of financial reporting requirements for pertinent regulatory agencies
  • Ability to work in a team and to delegate responsibility
  • Ability to understand financial budgets and projections
  • Knowledge of and skills in financial planning
  • Four year degree in related field required; CPA or MBA preferred

Submit completed application or for general inquiry contact:


Jessica Jones, Board Secretary at jjones@seattlecityclub.org


Barbara Green, Interim Executive Director at barbarag@powerfulvoices.org


Application for appointment to the

Board of Directors of Powerful Voices 


Today’s Date:     



Phone        home:         work:         cell:      


Place of employment and occupation:      

Please check the education or skills you could contribute to our board:




  Community relations/governmental affairs/lobbying

  Personnel/human resources


  Marketing/public relations


  Strategic planning

  Public speaking


  Board development

  Knowledge of /experience in human/social services field



What do you believe you would you bring to the board that would help to diversify and/or increase its experiences?


On what other boards have you served?  When and for how long?

What charitable or community activities have you participated in?  What are your current activities?


   Yes         No

Can you regularly attend board and committee meetings?  (Your PV commitment would be approx. 2 two hour meetings per month (one board meeting and one committee meeting) one day-long retreat per year and additional work as needed, 6 to 12 hours per month, on average, with more at crucial times of year.)

Are you willing to make a personally meaningful financial commitment to Powerful Voices?

Have you attended a board meeting?

Are you willing to commit to our standard three-year term?

Are you able to attend one of each of our programs sessions per year? (two afternoons and one Saturday per year total.)


Why are you interested in Powerful Voices?


Please write a brief statement of your understanding of PV’s mission.


How did you hear about us?


Because PV is a small board, it is essential that our board members possess certain “intangible” qualities, namely, commitment and follow-through, patience, ability to work well both alone and in groups, passion for our programs, integrity, honesty, critical thinking skills and, of course, a sense of humor.  Are these characteristics that you feel you possess? Explain.

What do you hope to gain from board membership?


 Thank you for your interest in Powerful Voices!  Please email the form to info@powerfulvoices.org. We will collect your signature on this document at a later stage in the board application process.