Children's Alliance

Public Policy Council Member

(Posted 6/23/11)

Purpose of Council:

To develop recommendations for public policy priorities, positions and ballot measures for The Children's Alliance and present them to the Board of Directors.  The Public Policy Council is a committee of the Children’s Alliance Board of Directors.

Time Commitment:

  • Six 2-hour meetings per year in Seattle.  Members should note that longer meetings may occasionally be required to conduct the Council’s business.  (Members can participate via conference call but must attend at least one meeting per year in person).
  • Membership is two years.  Members may be re-appointed at that time.
  • Members are expected to advocate for issues with whatever time they can commit and contact their legislators in response to the Children's Alliance’s legislative alert.

 Membership Requirements:

  • Members must be passionately engaged in shaping public policy to benefit children and families in Washington.
  • Members of the Public Policy Council serve as individuals; they are not representatives of organizations.
  • Council members (or the organizations with which they are affiliated) must be current members of the Children's Alliance.
  • Attend six meetings a year
  • Comply with group norms
  • Work with staff to develop and analyze policy proposals
  • Be available to help staff with lobbying efforts. This might include providing written or oral testimony to legislative panels and attending legislative advocacy days sponsored by the Alliance. 
  • Help develop policy initiatives for review by the council. Help determine Alliance priorities and strategies.
  • Connect/network with other advocates, organizations and coalitions in the issue area, discuss needs and priorities and report research done to the Council.  Help build relationships between these groups and the Alliance.
  • Promote entire Alliance agenda, not simply those issues that are within their area of interest/expertise.
  • If a Council member becomes unable to contribute in the ways mentioned above; Council members will notify the chair and assist in recruiting replacements.  
  • Review preparation materials prior to meetings and notify chair if absence is expected.

While each person contributes specific expertise or experience, and may have agency affiliations, when we deliberate and/or vote, we give consideration to what is best for all of Washington’s children.

For more information, contact Jon Gould at (206) 324-0340 x19 or