Safe Futures

Board Members

(Posted 7/12/11)

Safe Futures is looking for Board candidates to join the Board of Directors to increase the strength and capacity of the organization to develop and expand services, programs to better serve the particular needs of recent immigrant populations, such as Somali and Sudanese youth.  Board members provide leadership and direction in the Agency’s annual budget and program development, fund development, annual audits, financial oversight, support for  grants and contracts and developing new initiatives to further goals to support youth programs and services.


The mission of Safe Futures Youth Center (SFYC) is to create a caring extended family atmosphere at our center to provide the highest quality services to develop the full potential of every youth who we serve.  Located in West Seattle, Safe Futures Youth Center (SFYC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has achieved many  impressive results to become  one of the most effective youth-service organizations in Seattle.  SFYC provides culturally competent programs in youth leadership, case management, family and school support services.  The agency primarily targets at-risk Southeast Asian youth and families,  utilizing evidence-based practices and a strengths-based approach to serve the entire family with culturally-appropriate services in a supportive environment. 


We are proud that Safe Futures is known as one of the most successful agencies that can work with young people at various levels of personal development.  Through its successful growth, SFYC has expanded programming to White Center and Rainier Beach communities, in addition to its long term service to youth in the West Seattle area, such as Delridge and Highpoint.  To find more details and learn more about Safe Futures, go to:


SFYC, founded in June 1996, received a federal grant as a City of Seattle Human Services Department-operated program. It became an independent, nonprofit organization in 1999.  Originally, six Safe Futures programs were established and funded throughout the nation.  Seattle’s Safe Futures program is one of only three remaining programs left.  

Board members can help to strengthen the agency’s philosophy of being as effective as possible to meet the needs of youth and their families.   The agency participates with several youth agencies and coalitions in Seattle and King County to focus on building partnership services, crime prevention and youth development activities. SFYC currently serves 350 youth on an annual basis. The majority of youth are ethnic minorities including East African (Somali, Oromo, Eritrean, Ethiopian), Southeast Asians (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao, Mien), African American, Latino, and Pacific Islander populations. SFYC works with a wide range of youth from those involved with the juvenile justice system to students who are leaders in the community and college bound. We believe that every student can be a leader in the community. In addition, we do work in leadership development, community service, and homework assistance.



SFYC has several governmental and private sources of support, such as foundations, charitable trusts, private

donors. Board members have raised private funds for the organization through house parties, a raffle, a

phone-a-thon, Annual Open House, Rock and Roll Marathon and individual solicitations via social networking. 

Programs and Services

Services are provided primarily to Southeast Asian (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Mien, and Laotian), East African,

African American, Pacific Islander, and Latino youth and their families.  Most are recent refugees and immigrants, residing in low-income, garden community housing in Southwest Seattle and King County.  Many of our youth

are referred by the juvenile court system, “word of mouth”, “walk-ins,  and through agency marketing and

networking efforts.   


Safe Futures Programs Program Services and Demographics

Motivating Youth to Succeed in Academics

After School Program

Leadership Development

Case Management Services

Agency successes

  • 350 youth and families are annually served by SFYC services
  • From 2000-2007, over 775 youth have been served by case management services

  Academic and award attainments by current and former youth have established higher standards   for SFYC youth i.e. ivy-league university admission and community excellence  awards

  • Annually, about 92% of eligible youth graduated from high school or obtained their GED. Since 2003, the percent of eligible youth graduating high school or obtained their GED has remained above 85%.

Please contact Cathy Garrison, Board Secretary, at,  or Sorya Svy, agency director, at   regarding your interest to join the board.  Thank You.