United Way of King County and 501 Commons

Volunteer Consultants

(Posted 1/28/11)

United Way of King County and 501 Commons are recruiting close to 40 volunteer consultants to work with agencies serving the homeless and agencies involved with early learning, to help them make the most of their volunteer capacity.

They’ve recruited about 30 volunteer consultants already, but area still looking for 6-8 more. The volunteers need to become part of 501 Commons' Service Corps first (apply and have a screening interview). For VIP, they're particularly looking for folks with HR experience, or those with good facilitation and planning and writing skills. The meat of the project is to write a Volunteer Impact Plan, which is a 12-20 page document outlining a 12-18 month action plan for improving volunteer capacity.

People should expect to work about 8-10 hours a month on VIP, including some daytime meetings for trainings and to meet with the client. The project starts in February and goes thru June. Volunteers will be paired and folks new to 501 Commons will be paired with an experienced member of the Service Corps.

To apply to become part of the 501 Commons’ Service Corp please go to this link: http://www.escwa.org/volunteer/volapply.shtml