WGU Washington

Public Relations Coordinator

(Posted 11/22/11)


The public relations coordinator works with the chancellor of WGU Washington and the public relations staff of WGU Utah to provide a positive organizational image of WGU Washington to the general public, specialized communities, employers, educators, students and prospective students through effective use of media, engagements, special events, campaigns, promotions and other related activities.

The major accountabilities of the position are positive ongoing press coverage throughout the state; a robust online presence and social dialogue for WGU Washington’s online communities; a series of public relations engagements, events and campaigns that increase lead generation; and ongoing speaking and sponsorship engagements for the chancellor to increase public awareness.



Ensure that WGU Washington has a positive organizational image throughout the state by

      • Assisting the chancellor to develop a strategic communication plan and external communication schedule.
      • Developing and maintaining ongoing positive relationships with media professionals throughout the state.
      • Creating opportunities for placement of press releases to keep the presence of WGU Washington constantly before the public in a positive manner.
      • Conducting interviews, researching and writing web copy as well as copy for articles, print, radio and TV, social media updates newsletters and promotional materials.
      • Providing information to media outlets by generating news releases and articles, arranging press conferences, and acting as a media liaison to disseminate information to inform and educate the public about WGU programs.
      • Maintaining an ongoing interface with WGU Washington and WGU Utah to elicit news and promotional items of interest.
      • Managing overall strategic social media plan and implementation, including creating online blogs and posts and initiating dialogue with online communities that promote WGU Washington’s brand and degree programs.
      • Attaining media assignments, impressions and sponsorships.
      • Monitoring media coverage and complying with media queries for information.
      • Arranging, conducting and participating in public relations programs that maintain ongoing contact between organization representatives and the public.
      • Developing, coordinating and participating in promotional ideas, events, campaigns and activities to publicize and promote WGU Washington programs and increase lead generation.
      • Arranging and coordinate public appearances and speaking engagements for the chancellor to generate awareness and interest among thought-leaders, employer communities, educators, and prospective students.
      • Representing WGU Washington at events or activities.
      • Designing film, slide, and other visual presentations for meetings or posting.
      • Developing branding strategy for new proposals.



The incumbent will be accountable for

      • Development and implementation of a strategic communication plan
      • Production of at least one press release per week
      • Of these have a high publish rate. 
      • Publish at least 5 articles a month or like combination of TV and radio spots
      • Creation of at least one major blog per month  
      • Development of a quarterly newsletter
      • Daily postings and or updates on FB, Twitter
      • A minimum of four speaking engagements per month for the chancellor
      • A monthly promotional campaign
      • Production of high quality writing
      • Effective interpersonal relationships



A bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, communications, public relations or related field.

Required Knowledge:

Knowledge about public relations programs and requirements. Must be an outstanding writer, speaker, presenter, listener.

Experience Required:

Work generally requires two years of experience in public relations or related field, including internships. An equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience is acceptable.


  • Ability to work independently, conceptualize projects and manage multiple priorities.
  • Ability to perform creative writing and related activities such as conducting interviews, research, and editing.
  • Ability to understand and interpret information accurately.
  • Ability to influence others positively.
  • Ability to initiate creative and innovative promotional ideas.
  • A competent and confident profession demeanor. 
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in the use of social media, including Twitter, Face book, MySpace, etc.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in the effective use of equipment, computers and other resources for completion of projects such as posters, displays, PowerPoints, etc.
  • Self-direction and reliability.
  • Outstanding writing skills.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.

Apply at this website: https://wgu-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=95&company_id=16417&source=ON LINE&JobOwner=992328&byBusinessUnit=NULL&bycountry=0&bystate=1&bylocation=US%5FWA&keywords=&byCat=&tosearch=yes