Executive Director


Seattle, Washington

(Posted 1/6/12)


Position Announcement

WithinReach is seeking an accomplished, action-oriented leader to serve as its new Executive Director.  WithinReach has an outstanding reputation for high quality, effective program delivery, and an extremely dedicated staff and Board, deeply committed to improving family health throughout Washington State.  The new Executive Director will lead the agency in enhancing its already excellent reputation and in developing new ways to expand its capacity to reach Washington families.

Introduction to the Organization

WithinReach is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3), community-based organization dedicated to providing health education information, resources, and referrals to families throughout Washington State, with particular attention to the state’s multiple cultures and languages.  It was originally organized as the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Washington State in 1983.

In 2010, 218,000 Washington families were able to take the first step towards health and economic stability thanks to the services they received through WithinReach.

WithinReach works closely with public and private policy makers and funders, other health care and human service entities, elected officials, and community groups in order to connect Washington families to essential resources for family health. The agency also serves as a strong advocate for effective public policy regarding family health. 

For further information about WithinReach, please visit: http://www.withinreachwa.org.

The Position

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of WithinReach. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives.

The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for developing, executing, and administering all agency programs and contracts for services within the stated purpose and long range plans and policies of the Board of Directors.  The ED serves as chief executive and planning officer, and staffs the Board of Directors.


Compensation & Benefits

The salary range for the position is very competitive, depending on experience.  A generous employee benefits plan is also included.

Diversity Focus

The staff and clients of WithinReach are from wide and diverse socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  A demonstrated commitment to, and understanding of, diversity and cultural competency will be critical in the selection process.


Candidate Requirements

An advanced degree is desired.  A degree in a health-related field is a plus.

The position requires demonstrated skill, experience and success in the following areas: 

  • Building and sustaining positive relationships with key constituencies in both urban and rural environments; community organizing; good at developing networks; a "bridge-builder"
  • Engaging in developing & sustaining public/private partnerships, coalitions & complex relationships with multiple stakeholders; leveraging joint resources to achieve common goals; being "at the table"    
  • Fundraising with individuals, businesses and foundations (capital campaign experience, a plus)
  • Government contract negotiation and management; grant writing for government funding, a plus
  • Having developed existing local networks and relationships; already a recognized and respected local leader, a plus
  • Leading an effective organizational transition and/or change, particularly in a resource-constrained environment
  • Understanding of state & other providers' programs; (existing relationships in, and understanding of, Washington state, a plus)
  • A wide variety of organizations/sectors (i.e. public, private, nonprofit); with social enterprise, a plus
  • Balancing the time demands for both internal and external focus
  • Recruiting, mentoring, empowering, motivating and engaging staff and volunteers in a team environment and leading by example; developing & maintaining a positive organizational culture and working environment; managing in, and commitment to, a flexible, family-friendly workplace, a plus
  • Growth and/or diversification of an organization and it's programs and systems; "taking it to the next level"
  • Public health, healthcare, health education for families, healthcare reform, or early learning, a plus
  • Senior level leadership in a nonprofit or government organization
  • Understanding the Washington State government and political "landscape," as well as its legislative and budget processes, a plus
  • Business innovation; innovative use of technology and an understanding of the role of technology applications, a plus
  • Political advocacy at local, county, and state levels (Nat'l level a plus); advocacy for family issues, a plus
  • Working with elected & appointed government officials at all levels


The successful candidate will possess the following personal attributes and competencies:

  • Exemplary interpersonal skills; engaging; artful; comfortable working with wide variety of people, constituencies and diverse populations; effectively deals with conflict; poised/professional public presence; good sense of humor
  • Collaborative/inclusive/deferential leadership style; willing to share authority; a good convener
  • Decisive decision maker, while remaining open-minded and considerate of other’s views; actively seeks input on key decisions; demonstrates consistency and fairness in decisions
  • Effectively builds and values strong relationships
  • Energetic/strong work ethic; action oriented; a proactive self-starter; curious, willing to take reasonable risks in implementing new ideas
  • Excellent communications skills – oral, written, listening and public speaking; articulate, direct & concise
  • Passion for, and commitment to, the mission
  • Politically and socially astute/tactful/diplomatic/respectful
  • Well-organized, focused; effectively sets and follows mission-driven priorities; accountable (holds self and others accountable for high standards of quality and performance)
  • High integrity/trustworthiness, honest, authentic, genuine, congruent, models the ethics, values and standards of the agency, responsive - follows through on commitments; demonstrates trust in others
  • Systems-wide (holistic) perspective; a strategic, forward thinker but also attends to detail; visionary, with ability to inspire others toward their vision
  • An advocate for staff, the agency and it's clients
  • Compassionate, sensitive, empathetic, warm, genuine, and personable
  • Creative problem solver; resourceful; entrepreneurial, innovative
  • Balanced between internal and external focus
  • Excellent facilitator, moderator and consensus-builder

Timing and Application

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume as soon as possible.  Full consideration is assured if letters and resumes are received no later than Noon Pacific Time, January 27, 2012

BEFORE APPLYING, PLEASE VISIT http://www.hagelsearch.com/jobs.html to review the Position Profile and complete application instructions!

Contact Information

For further information, please contact: Dave Osmer, Hagel & Company, Phone: 425-643-4223, or email: dave@hagel.net.  DO NOT submit your application to this email address; use the link above!


WithinReach is an Equal Opportunity Employer and desires a highly diverse candidate group.