One of the benefits of participating in the Leadership Tomorrow program is the network that is established throughout our community. It is through this network that we are able to provide alumni and the greater community with the following job and volunteer opportunities.

Alumni, volunteers and contributors to Leadership Tomorrow may submit items to be posted by contacting Elizabeth Schoenfeld at the Leadership Tomorrow office at (206) 389-7267.

Job Listings

Executive Director

Family Impact Network (posted 8.28.2014)

President & CEO

Camp Fire Columbia (posted 8.28.2014)

Executive Director

Rescue Mission (posted 8.25.2014)

Associate Partner, The Giving Practice

Philanthropy Northwest (posted 8.25.2014)

Vice President

Philanthropy Northwest (posted 8.25.2014)

Member and Donations Manager

Philanthropy Northwest (posted 8.25.2014)

Event & Marketing Intern

City Club (posted 8.22.2014)

Division Director, Youth & Family Empowerment

City of Seattle (posted 8.22.2014)

Academic Advisor

UW Bothell (posted 8.18.2014)

Accounting & Operations Coordinator

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (posted 8.11.2014)

Communications Manager

Philanthropy Northwest (posted 8.11.2014)

Executive Director

Seattle Works (posted 8.7.2014)


Seattle Housing Authority (posted 8.5.2014)

Registration and Sponsorship Coordinator

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce (posted 7.31.2014)


Volunteer Listings

At-Large Positions

Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority (posted 8.28.2014)

The City of Seattle is seeking applicants for two (2) at-large positions to the Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority (PDA) Board of Directors.The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the former Coast Guard property in northeast Seattle, near Children’s Hospital. At present, the property includes two Ronald McDonald House facilities, Provail housing (formerly United Cerebral Palsy), Burke-Gilman Apartments (subsidized and market-rate housing), The Children’s Center (a child care center), and housing under the auspices of the Capital Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP). The Burke-Gilman Place PDA has been working primarily on maintenance issues since the final buildable parcel was completed. A primary concern is the aesthetic appearance of the PDA’s land and facilities, with special attention to landscaping, proposed alterations to facilities, and signage.

The nine-member Board of Directors includes four (4) positions that are drawn from the user facilities, and the other five (5) are at-large. All positions are mayoral appointments with confirmation by the City Council. Board meetings are held monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month, from 8 a.m. to about 9:30 a.m. The Board currently meets at the Community Room of the Burke-Gilman Apartments, 5100 40th Avenue, N.E., Seattle, WA.

Please email your letter of interest and resume to:
Please reference Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority

To submit a paper copy, please address to:

Kenny Pittman
Office of Intergovernmental Relations
P.O. 94746
Seattle, WA


Green Dot Washington State is looking for board members interested in education reform to round out our Founding Board. Our search is focused on identifying two or three additional board members with legal and/or fundraising skill sets. Familiarity or connections to Tacoma or South Seattle where Green Dot's efforts in the state are focused are also desirable.

Green Dot Schools Washington is a charter management organization opening a school in Tacoma in 2015 and applying to open schools in South Seattle in 2016. Green Dot's mission is to operate high performing public charter schools focused on college, leadership, and life for highly impacted students. It operates 19 schools in LA and serves a student population that is 96% impacted by poverty and 99% of color, and it graduates the most high school students of any charter network in the country. It is also an organization known for its deep partnerships with community, parents, teachers and principals. 

Should you or someone you know be interested in this opportunity, please reach out to Andrew Buhayar via

WA Charters is accepting applicants for it's 3rd Cohort of their School Leaders program of people seriously interested in starting a public school. The need for diversity in this applicant pool is much needed, so please give it a look if it's something that interest you and or someone you know.

There is also a Sector Leader program that will begin recruiting later in the fall for those interested on a general level of supporting the expansion of public schools in Washington.

Please see the link below and search for the "School Leaders" portion for more info...

Board Member

Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center (posted 7.16.2014)

Board Member

Committee for Children

Are you interested in helping children across the US and around the world acquire the social-emotional skills that lead to school and life success? Do you want to help prevent bullying, child abuse, and other forms of violence in thousands of school and community settings? This is the mission of Committee for Children, a nonprofit working globally to promote children's social and academic success through research, development, and dissemination of top-rated, evidence-based prevention programs for early learning through eighth grade.

Committee for Children is seeking prospective board members who will bring enthusiastic leadership and passion for the organization's mission. We need experienced professionals with high-level skills and exposure in the areas of advocacy, fund development, child development programs, and research to join our board to provide guidance, leadership, and vision to the organization.

(posted 6.25.2014)

Volunteers Needed

Seattle/King County Clinic (posted 5.11.2014)


Washington Access Fund (posted 4.28.2014)

Board Member

New Beginnings (posted 4.21.2014)

Board Member

Northwest Seed (posted 4.18.2014)

Volunteer Opportunities

United Way of King County

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