We regularly hear stories from alumni and the organizations they serve about the influence the LT program has made. We are pleased to share these stories with you. Tell your story!

Doug Berschauer LT '06

Ch2M Hill

One of the important lessons that came to light during my LT experience was that a team works better together if they know and understand one another. This is being put into action with a mentoring program for young engineers at CH2M HILL in Bellevue. While the focus is on public speaking, one of the underlying themes is to get to know one another. During this past year individuals in the group have talked about their passions, their values, life changing experiences, and things they are excited about. Not the type of subject one would expect from your typical group of engineers. The ultimate goal is to develop a team that knows each other and can work effectively together. Based on feedback from the supervisors, it is working and we will continue with the approach.

Lonnie Lusardo, LT '90

The Diversity Collaborative

Being involved in LT has affected my community work in three critical ways. First and most important, LT fostered a much broader view of the regional economy and a clearer sense of how our entire community is interconnected. The wider view challenged my tendency to be focused on issues that affect only my own interests. For example, working more closely with local businesses, communities of color and the faith community has expanded my personal perspective on developing Seattle's LGBT community within the context of generally non-supportive groups.

Second, I find that calls to LT alums are almost always promptly returned. I cherish the value of my LT network and frequently rely on LT graduates going back to the inaugural class for guidance and advice. And finally, LT has given me a level of self-confidence to pursue community ideas I would have otherwise processed to death.

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