Leadership Tomorrow prepares, challenges and engages emerging and existing leaders through leadership development for the benefit of the Puget Sound region. The organization's programs enlighten, inspire and transform participants, who come from a diverse array of professions and communities, by convening productive conversations around critical issues that impact the region. Participants in Leadership Tomorrow expand their leadership skills while gaining access to a vast array of perspectives, resources and mentors.

Each year, approximately 72 emerging and existing leaders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors of the community are selected to participate. The nine-month program is designed to raise awareness of the needs and challenges that affect the region, and enhance leadership skills with a focus on community stewardship. Program objectives include:

  • Providing an examination of critical issues that impact the Puget Sound region
  • Developing individual civic leadership potential for the benefit of the community
  • Enhancing the diverse network of engaged, community-minded leaders, across all sectors
  • Expanding the access to resources, collaborators, and partners to achieve personal and organizational goals

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Curriculum Elements

The curriculum includes a balanced combination of retreats, day-long seminars, and small group activities:

  • Retreats: Two-day retreats held in September and February, which focus on developing personal and civic leadership skills, including teambuilding, community stewardship, servant-leadership, and cultural competency.
  • Challenge Days: Day-long seminars, held monthly, which focus on significant challenges facing the region such as ensuring a vibrant and diversified economy; promoting health and wellness; establishing quality education; and protecting and stewarding our environment.
  • Leadership Learning Labs: Two small group activities, occurring consecutively during the nine months. The first focuses on exploring effective leadership with two local leaders, and the second focuses on applying leadership to a project which benefits the community. The labs require a significant time commitment, develop lasting networks, and provide practical experience in civic leadership.
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