Bike Works
Columbia City
3709 South Ferdinand St.
Seattle, WA  98118

Bike Works is currently seeking volunteer leaders to join our Board of Directors.

Bike Works has been working for kids, bikes, and community in the Rainier Valley since 1996. Our programs invest in young people and encourage bicycling as a clean and healthy transportation alternative. We are dedicated to building sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling. Our Board of Directors play a vital role in ensuring Bike Works has the strategic direction and necessary resources to positively impact on the youth and community we serve.

As we move into our second decade of programming, we are excited for the opportunities and challenges ahead. This summer marks the beginning of our strategic planning process, in which our Board of Directors will play an integral role in setting our direction for the next ten years and sustaining our ability to deliver our programs to the community.

We are looking to for enthusiastic, energetic people to join our Board team. Board candidates should have time to give, be interested in developing board leadership skills, be willing to participate in fundraising, and have strong follow-through skills. We would like to find people with the following backgrounds / experience (not limited to these areas):

• Financial Management
• Legal
• Human Resources
• Fundraising & Development
• Non-Profit Leadership/Past Board Experience
• Interest and enthusiasm for getting involved in grass-roots work

If you would be interested in playing a vital leadership role in youth’s lives and in promoting cycling please apply:

Contact Melanie Lyons at or 206.725.9408 for a Board Member Application Form.

If you know of someone you think would be a great Board Member for Bike Works, please nominate them:

Contact Melanie Lyons at or 206.725.9408 for a Board Member Nomination Form.

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