Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools

Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools is currently seeking volunteer leaders to join our Board of Directors. We are especially seeking more people of color for our Board, but any interested individuals would be welcome.

Please take a look at our web site:

Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools is a nonprofit organization in the Seattle/Tacoma area modeled after existing, successful "Blues in the Schools" programs offered elsewhere in the United States.

Our programs are taught by professional blues musicians and teachers from the Northwest, and we offer our programs to local public school systems, private schools systems, community centers and institutions. Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools seeks to provide a positive alternative activity for the youth of the Northwest, with many of our programs conducted during "prime risk," after-school hours.

Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools' unique programs are "hands on" activities that are similar to an actual rehearsal for a live performance. Over the course of sixteen sessions, the students learn how to play the basics on different instruments; the "blues" scale; call and response; and how to create their own lyrics and revise them, which enhances language development. They also learn the twelve-bar blues form, how to sing together and provide musical accompaniment for each other, and how to perform as a group.

The mission of Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools is to design and deliver ongoing, interdisciplinary educational experiences for young students (K-12) that will teach American history and heritage through the indigenous African/American art form, the blues.

If you are interested, please contact our Executive Director, James "Curley" Cooke at:

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