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You are the best resource for LT candidates. Ideal candidates are those who show the promise of holding significant leadership positions and are committed to making the Puget Sound region a better place to live and work.

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About Us

Leadership Tomorrow was founded in 1982 through a unique collaboration between the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of King County to enhance the civic participation of emerging leaders within the region. The Founders' vision was to bring together a diverse group of individuals who would build lasting networks in order to address regional issues and create a positive community for current and future generations.

Each year, Leadership Tomorrow selects 80 candidates from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to participate. The program challenges and engages emerging, and existing, leaders by offering civic leadership development for the benefit of the Puget Sound region. Leadership Tomorrow participants work to develop and refine their leadership skills. They do this by exploring leadership concepts and working with a diverse network of regional leaders and by expanding their knowledge of issues facing the region.

To cultivate, inspire, connect and engage an effective community of leaders.


Stewardship we develop, enhance and sustain our communities

Integrity we lead with honesty, respect and accountability

Passion we bring enthusiasm and tenacity to civic engagement

Diversity we commit to cultural competency and embrace many viewpoints


Alumni Spotlight

In 2005 I used my community leadership expertise to create Out in Front, the leadership program for LGBTQ leaders in Washington. I am grateful for LT's support in forming an alliance that helps to foster knowledgeable LGBTQ community leaders. Since its creation, Out in Front has graduated more than 75 alumni who now sit on community nonprofit boards and other community organizations, much like LT alums, and contribute to a more vibrant, inclusive, and inspired community.

Lonnie Lusardo, LT'90

The Diversity Collaborative

“LT not only connected me with exceptional leaders in the community, the program taught me how to work effectively with a wide range of styles and backgrounds.”

Brian Bauer, LT'12
The Boeing Company

LT 2012 Class

“Leadership Tomorrow is a stunning example of a great community collaboration that really pays back over and over... I praise LT's role, not only in the professional development of executives, but also in providing that essential training about a regions' needs, the context of issues and the commitment to our community.”

Steve Davis, LT'92