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Have questions about Leadership Tomorrow? Browse through our FAQs below. If you have further questions, please contact the LT office at 206-389-7279.

General FAQs

  • + What is Leadership Tomorrow (“LT”)?
    LT is the leading community leadership development organization in the Pacific Northwest. The program helps make the Puget Sound region a better place to live and work by training emerging and existing leaders from different sectors to work collaboratively on important issues affecting our lives. LT provides participants a deep understanding of the community issues affecting the region, helps them personally develop effective leadership skills and inspires them to become more engaged in delivering solutions. LT opens doors, opens eyes, and creates bridges for people from many different professions and backgrounds.
  • + Who can apply to LT?
    Anyone from the Puget Sound region can apply to compete for the 80 spaces each year. Tuition assistance is available.
  • + So I participated in LT, now what?
    Many participants join nonprofit boards or commissions after they complete Leadership Tomorrow. Other alums get involved by volunteering at LT, serving on the board or other committees. The Alumni Leadership Committee hosts educational programming and social events for alums monthly as a way to stay engaged in the community.
  • + Who participates in LT?
    The class is generally comprised of 60% private sector (large and small companies), 20% nonprofit sector, and 20% public (government) sector participants. Most are mid- to senior-level professionals and the average age is 38-40. In recent years, the youngest participant was 22 and the most senior was 62. The class usually splits evenly between males and females with between 35% and 40% people of color. Recent classes have included representatives from five counties in the Puget Sound Region. Diversity is a key goal of Leadership Tomorrow and the program recruits widely, from a variety of communities, in order to select a class reflecting the rich diversity of the region.
  • + How do employers benefit from sponsoring an applicant?

    In a 2015 survey, 85% of employers who sponsored participants believed the investment in the program was worthwhile to their company.  In general, employers of all kinds benefit from the employee’s improved leadership, and team and problem-solving skills.  Through their employee’s involvement, employers gain access to a broad network of prestigious leadership contacts across all sectors, and extensive knowledge of the issues facing the region.  The consensus is their employees learn the “who’s who” of the region and the value of the power of individual influence around regional change.

  • + What is the time commitment?
    Participants spend about 120 hours in the program from September through June. This includes the two-day retreats and the eight monthly, day-long forums. Additionally, participants will have about two hours of pre-reading (homework) each month, and spend their own time on two separate small group projects.
  • + How many people have gone through LT?
    More than 1,800 have graduated since 1984.

Application FAQs

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Tuition & Financial Assistance FAQs

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“LT offers a civic education value that cannot be replicated in any other training or development program because it brings together people from all sectors to focus on the issues of our city and region.”

Rita Brogan, LT'86
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