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Director of Development for Public Service Journalism

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The Seattle Times is looking for a Director of Development for Public Service Journalism.  The Director will develop and expand community funding for journalism initiatives. The Seattle Times development of Education Lab, Traffic Lab and Project Homeless are cutting edge in the journalism field and nationally known in philanthropy. Building on our track record, the Director of Development will sustain and develop new community-funded projects that deepen coverage and conversation about urgent issues of public importance to our region.

The ideal candidate is an organized self-starter comfortable working in a new fertile, developing area.  Successful candidates will possess a developed ability to identify opportunities, see the connections that need to be made across multiple departments and bring people together internally and externally to seize on these opportunities. This candidate will need project management skills and experience organizing donor events.

Success in this position depends on the candidate’s ability to identify and capitalize on rising public issues, innovation in media and emerging trends in social good, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

This person reports to the VP for Innovation, Product and Development.  There is a dotted line relationship to Seattle Times Executive Editor and Editorial Page Editor.

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