Washington State Charter Schools Association

Director of the True Measure Collaborative

Who We Are
Washington is the 42nd state to open its public education system to charter schools and the charter school law puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that its charters are high-quality options for students that don’t have access to them currently. The Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) is a non-profit organization that advocates for and develops high-quality charter public schools that meet the needs of systemically underserved students.

WA Charters knows that communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, low-income communities, and individuals living with disabilities disproportionately shoulder the burden of the impacts of inequitable access to high-quality public schools. Working for and in partnership with impacted communities is a critical priority of our incubation, school services, legal, advocacy, communications, and engagement work to support charter public schools at every stage of their development. By doing so, we believe charter public schools will be a lever to improve educational outcomes across charter and traditional schools for all students.

The Need
The Washington charter sector has set out to be a national leader in delivering inclusive school practices that meet the needs of every student, including students with special education needs. For new schools, this means developing robust services and operational systems from inception, and for more mature schools, this means ensuring that student support capacity has been built widely and deeply across a school team. To serve this need, WA Charters has established the True Measure Collaborative, a consortium of experts and service providers focused on supporting member schools to serve systemically marginalized students, including those with Section 504 and special education needs.

The Director oversees the True Measure Collaborative and offers robust, centralized expertise and supports that promote compliant, effective, and innovative practices to support member schools in serving students with barriers to academic achievement, including those with disabilities.

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