Plymouth Housing Group

Deputy Director

Founded in 1980, Plymouth Housing works to eliminate homelessness and address its causes by preserving, developing and operating safe, quality, supportive housing and by providing adults experiencing homelessness with opportunities to stabilize and improve their lives.

The Deputy Director will join Plymouth Housing at a pivotal moment in the organization’s growth in a role that will have a significant influence. The Deputy position has been reimagined as part of a leadership restructuring that allows the Executive Director to prioritize housing development and fundraising and the Deputy to assume responsibility for all other functions. The Deputy will direct leadership team members responsible for housing operations and services, administration and finances. The Deputy Director will oversee implementation of the recently completed five-year strategic plan, which outlines strategies to: support residents with high quality services reflecting known best practices and promising new approaches; build a culture that is employee-centric and embraces diversity; ensure strong governance structures to support Plymouth’s ability to carry out its mission; and address unmet housing needs by developing an additional 500 housing units.

The Deputy Director will rely on wisdom and practical business skills, honed in the managerial trenches of growing organizations, to inform decisions about teamwork, collaboration, accountability and refining the current infrastructure. The complexity of Plymouth’s work and the policy/funding environment in which it operates requires a Deputy who sees every challenge as an opportunity to innovate and strengthen systems, so that the disruptions that naturally arise from constant growth and change are easily handled. The Deputy Director will be a leader of leaders, able to solidify the collective power of a highly skilled and strong leadership team while driving toward clear decisions and actions.

Reporting to the Executive Director, and serving as a trusted advisor, the Deputy will lead collaboratively across departments and functions to ensure the systems, processes, people and resources are in place to optimize efficiency and accommodate Plymouth’s anticipated growth. Externally, the Deputy will serve as an important public voice for Plymouth, working closely with community partners and funders to advocate on behalf of Seattle’s homeless and the organizations that serve them.

For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please read the job description.