City of Seattle

Middle School & High School Program Advisor


The Seattle Mayor and City Council are striving to bring us to the top of the list of cities known for positive change, innovation, and sound financial management. Part of this vision includes a city where every student, regardless of language and cultural differences, feels safe and included, and receives a quality education that prepares them for success in life and career. The Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) supports this effort through our mission to transform the lives of Seattle’s children, youth, and families by eliminating opportunity gaps, preparing students for kindergarten, improving academic achievement, ensuring students graduate high school prepared for college or a career path, and promoting the attainment of a post-secondary certificate, credential, or degree. We strive to embed the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative into our education objectives and seek staff that value the importance of working together as a government and community to eliminate racial disparities and achieve racial equity.

DEEL administers the Families and Education Levy (FEL), the Seattle Preschool Program Levy (SPP), and the new Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise (FEPP) Levy, as well as other funding sources to support Seattle’s children and students. DEEL’s 2018 adopted budget is $80M and we currently employ approximately 75 staff members dedicated to the pursuit of our department’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

As a representative of the Mayor and City Council, DEEL invests in improving student outcomes and evaluates performance by tracking academic measures, such as students meeting state standards in reading and math, and progress indicators, such as attendance, English language proficiency, and course completion. To achieve these outcomes DEEL awards and manages funding designed to maximize academic results for students by allowing flexibility in how schools and service providers design culturally responsive, tailored interventions for students not yet meeting academic expectations and those meeting Levy focus student criteria. Depending on the provider, interventions may include extended in-school academic support, expanded learning opportunities before/after school, during school breaks, or over the summer, college and career readiness programming and advising, case management, and social, emotional, and behavioral skill development.

DEEL develops and administers performance contracts and agreements for services, oversees contract implementation, monitors progress towards achieving outcomes and provides support, guidance and direction to grantees as necessary. DEEL is a data-driven organization that practices continuous quality improvement.

To help ensure students receive the support they need to succeed, we are looking for a Middle School & High School Program Advisor to manage a $6 million per year portfolio of education investments designed to support academic success and college and career readiness. The position will be an integral member of the K-12 College and Career Team at DEEL and, in partnership with the Seattle Mayor, City Council, Seattle Public Schools and regional community partners, will help deliver on the vision for our city where children, youth, and families have equitable access to high-quality educational services, supports, and outcomes.

For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please refer to the job description.