ORS Impact

Senior Consultant

About ORS Impact:  ORS Impact is a consulting firm that helps clients clarify, measure, and align around their social impact outcomes using evaluation, outcomes-based strategy and planning, theory of change, and MLE planning and implementation. We support philanthropies, nonprofits, and government agencies in their most challenging and complex work with our expertise in advocacy and policy change, networks and coalitions, systems change, and initiatives and strategies.

“Impact” is not just part of our name: it is a core value for why we do this work. Implicit in this value is the belief that the world can be more equitable, that accelerating social progress will lead to better lives for everyone.

These statements, however, do not explicitly address the systems of power that grant privilege and access unequally, particularly based on race, but also based on age, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, or disability. These systems underlie the issues our clients seek to address and can be perpetuated and strengthened even as well-intentioned people seek to make positive social change.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We believe that all people are equal and that holding some groups of people down holds all of us down. We believe that these issues are complex and that we will stumble in our efforts. However, the goal of a more just, fair, and inclusive society requires changing how we work together, how we work with clients, and proactively finding ways for our organization to make a difference in the fight for a more equitable world.

About the Position:  The Senior Consultant position at ORS Impact applies rigorous, innovative and pragmatic social science methods and related skill sets to the questions our clients have in support of greater learning and social impact. Under the direction of a Director, Senior Consultants lead and work on teams across two or more lines of business, typically working on five to seven projects that are at different stages and in different fields, ranging from early childhood, libraries, policy/advocacy, public health, the environment and more. Senior Consultants are energized by juggling multiple efforts simultaneously and getting to learn about new fields. Working on the full life cycle of a project, from design to implementation to delivering final products and deliverables, Senior Consultants play a critical role in our consulting practice. We expect the majority of this position’s time will be billable client work, though some time will also be spent on business development, professional development, community of practice with ORS Impact colleagues, and internal activities (e.g., staff meetings, etc.). We are working to increase our conscious competence around the ways in which we advance equity through our work with our clients and in our efforts to create an internal culture that allows diverse colleagues to thrive. We strive to provide growth opportunities for all of our team members and the Senior Consultant will be provided professional development opportunities that are aligned with the skill set for the Director-level track.  We are particularly interested in broadening our company’s experience with and competency in culturally relevant evaluation methodologies and approaches with this position.

For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please refer to the job description.