Pomegranate Center

Board of Directors

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Pomegranate Center Board of Directors is a group of volunteers that is legally responsible for governing Pomegranate Center. Like any non-profit board, the Pomegranate Center Board provides guidance and oversight to the CEO who is responsible for carrying out the organization’s work. The Board’s three main duties are to:

  • Govern the organization and oversee that it is meeting its legal and fiscal requirements

  • Collaborate with staff and CEO to determine the organizations future

  • Be the link to the larger community, as ambassadors and fundraisers

Board Members are expected to work together and with staff in a respectful, cooperative and collaborative manner. A sense of humor is always appreciated! As a new Board Member you will bring your skills and abilities to help us grow stronger and better together in service of the Pomegranate Center Mission: to spread the seeds of collaboration across as many organizations, and public engagement meetings, as possible.

For more information about this opportunity, please read the Board Job Description.