FIX Impact Development

Project Architect

FIX Cottages is a new mission-based and venture-backed design company that creates a turn-key solution for housing using the backyard cottage. We finance, design, and build cottages for homeowners throughout the region. Our mission is to increase housing affordability and create location security for thousands while cultivating closer community ties and reducing displacement as our region grows. Our designs will cover a range of styles and lifestyles. We are now hiring a lead architect to join our team. FIX Cottages (temp name) is an incubation of FIX Impact Development, an innovation and design company that uses design thinking to solve complex urban issues with place-based solutions.

5 reasons this position might be for you…

  1. You’re excited about joining a fully-funded social impact venture

  2. You want to solve housing affordability while earning a competitive salary

  3. You enjoy designing a range of styles and working with the entire process from design to CA

  4. You’re at a revolutionary construction start-up but aren’t clear you’re revolutionizing anything

  5. You are at a high-end firm, desiring more mission- or impact-oriented work

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the job description.