Introducing the LT Class of 2019

We are excited to introduce the LT Class of 2019. Selected from the largest applicant pool in LT’s history, members of LT’19 represent the three sectors (private, nonprofit and public), work in a variety of industries, and demonstrate a deep commitment to making our region a better place to live and work.

Please join us in welcoming these 80 leaders into the Leadership Tomorrow family!

Summer 2018 Leaders on Board Newsletter

Want to serve on a nonprofit board?

Our Summer Leaders on Board Newsletter contains information about 20 nonprofits that are recruiting leaders to serve on their boards of directors. Whether you are new to board service or a seasoned pro, we hope you will review the listings in this newsletter. Feel  free to forward this email to your friends and colleagues who are interested in board service.

Challenge Day Reflections: Economy, LT'18

Challenge Day Reflections: Economy, LT'18

"I expect great things from you. This region needs you." Martha Choe, LT'84, began her Leadership Reflection. "You don't have an option. You're in this class for a reason. You are uniquely privileged to be in this program. I have high expectations for you to be in this seat in 10 years."

As the class considered the regional economy, Martha pointed out that necessary community-focused work is not just about the economy. It's about all the conditions that come together for a sustainable economy. "A healthy economy depends on everything you've talked about all year."

Challenge Day Reflections: Environment, LT'18

Challenge Day Reflections: Environment, LT'18

Written By: Carl Bailey, LT’14

As an LT alum, I wasn't sure what to expect when I re-visited a Challenge Day for the first time in nearly four years. But once I parked the car and made my way to the UWBG Center for Urban Horticulture, some of those old LT feelings came flooding back.

There was that slightly nervous feeling of being around other highly intelligent, capable, and opinionated people while covering topics that I don't deal with on a regular basis. And the unconscious pressure of being my most authentic self and being comfortable enough to share my life experiences with people I've only known for a few months.

Another familiar LT feeling was optimism, as the day was full of opportunities to think about how each individual can get involved in and help influence who has access to the decision-making table.

Challenge Day Reflections: Arts & Culture, LT'18

Challenge Day Reflections: Arts & Culture, LT'18

This "Challenge Day Reflections" was written by Ben Phillips, LT'15. Here's what he had to say after the Challenge Day:

"The Arts & Culture Challenge Day was a great reminder of how crucial arts are to bringing about change. I was inspired by the class members who took the day as a personal opportunity to take steps to change their community. James Miles led a fascinating discussion around improving education by weaving youth culture into the curriculum. There are many challenges for the arts in our region, namely around funding and support, but I was left excited and optimistic by the passion and enthusiasm in the room."