View From the Class: Cornelia Robinson, Amazon Web Services

Robinson,Cornelia Cropped.jpg

Current class member, Cornelia Robinson, shares a few highlights from her LT experience, including what she's learning, what challenges her, and what has surprised her. 

What are you learning?
I'm learning about issues specifically relevant to the Puget Sound Region and also exploring the historical context of these issues. It's interesting to learn how de jure and de facto segregation was at forefront of so many policies and practices in this region, historically. I appreciate LT's intentionality around addressing this head-on and challenging participants to acknowledge wrongs of the past, so we can make them right for the future.  

What surprises you?
I'm surprised by the sense of community within Leadership Tomorrow. From our first retreat, our class has really demonstrated that we are here for each other. I heard the term "LT Magic" during orientation, and now I really know what that is. LT ensures that classes are as diverse as possible in as many ways as possible. It's easy to bond with people we are just like, but my LT classmates are all so different -- and they are all so fabulous! Diversity is always a good thing.

What challenges you?
As we learn about the pillars of a healthy community, I'm challenged to figure out how I can best contribute to this community. There are so many organizations here that are doing great work. Now that I've been in this region for a couple of years, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves!

Photo Credit: Rick Meade, LT'12