Alumni Spotlight: John Meyer, LT'17

John Meyer, LT'17
Assistant Director of Science Communications and
Special Projects, University of Washington


What is one LT experience that sticks with you?
Impossible to pick one! For me, Education Day was a standout. Visiting with school leaders who tackle complex daily challenges while keeping sight of long term goals was inspiring. They epitomized servant leadership. But what truly sticks with me is how I saw that theme repeated again and again in our region - a commitment from leaders to play the long game and level the playing field for everyone. Turns out we have some incredible role models here -- we simply need more leaders like them, and everywhere.

What is one thing you think about differently because of LT?
Equity and access. This was not entirely new to me, but my LT experience gave me the background and the tools to be more effective at doing something about it. I now look differently at spaces where I personally have influence and think about who is missing, why, and how we can remove barriers. Change is slow, but leading with a lens of equity and access allows you to convene the right people and communities from the get-go to have impact.

How has LT influenced your community involvement?
Pure and simple, LT's influence has been transformational for me in terms of community involvement. It introduced and connected me to so many people and entities that make our region tick. As a result, I've become more rooted in issues that I care about, and clearly see where I can plug in. I am thrilled to have recently joined the board of directors at Washington's National Park Fund, matching a community need with my passion for wild places. This would not have happened without my experiences in LT.