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Interested in applying to LT?

We are no longer accepting applications for the LT Class of 2018. If you would like to be notified via email in February 2018 when the application for LT Class of 2019 is available, please click here.

About the Program

Leadership Tomorrow (LT) is a program that offers a unique, and highly-admired, approach to civic leadership development. People who go through the program have a deeper understanding of the issues that shape the Puget Sound region, are inspired to get engaged in their community and have the leadership skills necessary to get things done.

LT starts with a structured nine-month program that includes an unmatched curriculum focused on current and emerging regional issues. Participants gain a close network of people working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They also gain a deeper understanding of what civic engagement means today, and how race and social justice are fundamental leadership issues. But that’s just the first step. LT alumni benefit from lifelong connections, filled with opportunities to learn more, refine leadership skills and give back.   

Who can apply?
Anyone from the Puget Sound region can apply to compete for one of the 80 spaces each year. We believe leaders come from all levels, all ages, and all titles. What LT leaders share is their common desire to make their communities better.

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If you’re looking for a way to make a big impact in the Puget Sound region, break out of your industry bubble, and gain an MBA in civics, apply for Leadership Tomorrow.

Emily Carrion, LT'15

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Application FAQs

  • + Who can apply to LT?
  • + Is the application process competitive?
  • + What qualities does LT look for in a participant?
  • + How do employers benefit from sponsoring an applicant?
  • + Is it required that participants miss work?
  • + What is the time commitment?
  • + When is tuition due? Are there payment plans available?
  • + Do applicants from corporate sponsors or partner
    organizations gain priority selection status?
  • + Does an individual need their employer’s permission to apply to LT?
  • + What happens if an individual changes employers during
    the LT program year?
  • + How do applicants prepare for the application and interview process?

More questions?

Email info@leadershiptomorrowseattle.org or call 206-389-7267.

General FAQs

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Tuition & Financial Assistance FAQs

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“I know that my company has more than recovered its investment in Leadership Tomorrow. This program is not a text-book training experience. It is about growing both as a professional and as a person. It's about becoming part of an alumni network that crosses all professional disciplines and community sectors.”

Nina Odell, LT'99
Puget Sound Energy