Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

LT’s flagship program is ten months, beginning in September and ending in June. There are two mandatory overnight retreats, one in September and the other in February, as well as eight day-long Challenge Days. You are allowed eight hours of excused absence for the monthly Challenge Days.

In addition, you will have about two hours of reading (homework to prepare for Challenge Days and retreat) each month, and spend time on two lab projects. The amount of time spent on lab projects varies between groups, but is often a significant time commitment.

How much does LT cost? Is financial aid available?

Tuition for the Class of 2020 is $4,700 and may be paid by the individual or employer (or a combination of both). There are also miscellaneous expenses, such as transportation and parking to and from Challenge Days and retreats. Hotel accommodations for the retreats and meals are included in the cost of the tuition.

A limited amount of financial aid is available to those candidates who are either self-employed, not employed, or employed by a small business, a nonprofit, or in the public sector. Candidates employed by large private-sector companies are not eligible for financial aid.

How do I convince my employer to support my participation in LT?

Employers benefit from the skills, knowledge and network their employee gains through the LT program. LT offers participants a broad network of prestigious contacts across all sectors and industries, and helps them build extensive knowledge of the issues facing the region. Employers tell us LT graduates are better leaders, team members, and overall contributors in the workplace. For more ideas on how to make the case to your employer, please read these talking points.

“Puget Sound Energy has been sending its employees through Leadership Tomorrow for more than 30 years. It’s a small investment for a great return; employees graduate from LT more well-rounded, with increased confidence, improved leadership skills, and access to an impressive alumni network.” – Troy Hutson, LT’03, Director, Enterprise Projects & Performance, Puget Sound Energy

Who can apply to LT?

Anyone from the Puget Sound region can apply to compete for one of the 80 spaces each year. We believe leaders come from all levels, all ages, and all titles. What LT leaders share is their common desire to make their communities better.

Who participates in LT?

Most participants are mid- to senior-level professionals. The class is comprised of participants from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Diversity is a key value at LT, and 35-40% of participants are people of color.

Is the application process competitive?

Yes. Typically, LT always receives more applications than can be accommodated. Those who are not accepted are encouraged to re-apply the following year.